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Post Info TOPIC: How to Clear Cookies & Website Data on Chrome for iPhone & iPad
Joseph Jones

How to Clear Cookies & Website Data on Chrome for iPhone & iPad

If you use Google Chrome for iPhone or iPad, you may sometimes want to delete cookies or other websites. And maybe you want to delete cookies from a website without touching all of Chrome's saved browsing history, search history, and passwords. This can be done easily and in seconds on iOS and iPad. 


Chrome is a very popular web browser, Click Here to find about apps that you can connect with and while most iPhone/iPad users stick with Safari pre-installed on iOS and iPadOS devices, many people still use and prefer Google Chrome, either because of its special features or its cross-platform platform synchronization features, performance, or just general preferences. Google Chrome offers many custom options for deleting browsing data, so if you want to delete cookies or websites on your iPhone or iPad, read on. Delete cookies and websites from Chrome for iPhone and iPad 


As mentioned before, website cookies can be deleted from the program itself and the setting is hidden in the privacy setting. 

1) Launch the Chrome app on your iOS/iPad device.  

2) Tap the three-dot icon next to the options tab. 

3) It gives you access to more options. Tap "Settings" to access  Chrome settings.  

4) Here, go to the “Privacy” setting under Voice Search as shown in the screenshot below.  

5) Next, click the "Clear Browsing" button to access all the data saved by Chrome.  

6) Select "Cookies, Website Data" and clear any other checkmarks already selected, then tap "Clear Browsing Data". When prompted, confirm and you're done. 


That's all you need to do to delete your website cookies from Chrome on iPhone and iPad.  Although deleting cookies and website data can free up storage space on your device or even iCloud storage, it will reduce your browsing experience until new cookies are created. This usually means logging into websites again, re-saving logins and passwords, etc. This is because the saved login information and website settings have been deleted, but if you reset them all, they will return to normal. 


From the same Chrome settings menu, you can delete cached images, files, saved passwords, autosave data, and of course your browsing history if needed. You can even set a time period and delete only the data recorded during that time period.  If you also use Google Chrome on other devices and are signed in with your Google account, the data will also be deleted from those devices. 


While Safari makes it a bit difficult to delete cookies, you do have the ability to delete cookies on a site-by-site basis, which Chrome does not. This allows you to delete cookies from websites that you do not use regularly. If you use Safari instead of Chrome on your iPhone or iPad, you can read here how to delete cookies without affecting your Safari browsing history.


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