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7 Finance Must-Reads for Better Planning

Financialplanning assignments help students learn how to manage a business within a budget so that the profitability isn’t hampered in any way. Time and again, several Wall Street shenanigans and financial crises have proved the importance of financial planning.

Reading books before writing your Do My Project Management Assignment can help you understand the history of the finance industry and improve your planning skills. On that note, here are seven must-read finance books.

1.     Barbarians at the Gate

Written by Bryan Burrough and John Helyar, this book elaborates on the definitive history of leveraged buyouts and junk bonds. The book aims to uncover the mystery surrounding the leveraged buyout of RJR Nabisco and what led the company to be a defunct conglomerate. If you search can someone Do My Python Assignment Australia, then EssayAssignmentHelp is the perfect option.

2.     Security Analysis

Considered the "bible" for fundamental equity investing by experts who offer finance assignment help, this book is a must-read. David Dodd and Benjamin Graham co-authored the book, and it focuses on the techniques of value investing. You can also take Term Paper Help.

3.     The Intelligent Investor

Written by none other than Benjamin Graham, read this book for a comprehensive guide to long-term investing. The best thing about the book is that it has been updated several times. The current edition also includes inputs and insights of financial writer Jason Zweig.

4.     Common Sense on Mutual Funds

The founder of the Vanguard Group of Companies, John Bogle, penned this book as a handbook for mutual fund investors on bond investing. Bogle uses his experience to offer common-sense financial advice that you can use for your assignments. You can take Nursing Essay Help also from the experts.

5.     A Random Walk Down Wall Street

Written by celebrated Princeton economist Burton Malkiel, A Random Walk elaborates on different types of investments. If you are looking forward to kickstarting a professional financial career or expanding your investment profile, this book is a fundamental read.

6.     Extraordinary Popular Delusions

If you want to pore through what caused the crashing catastrophes like the Tulipmania, or Britain's South Sea Bubble, this is what you need. Journalist Charles Mackay strives to unravel the enigma these financial debacles were.

7.     The Alchemy of Finance

You may have heard about George Soros if you are into hedge funds. In this book, the legend uses his theoretical and practical knowledge of financial trends to cover every fad the financial world has ever encountered. Read the book to learn more about the theory of comprehensive reflexivity and out-of-the-box investment practices.  

With these books in your kitty, you will no longer have to seek finance assignment help. Get these from the nearest bookstore or read the e-book versions on your tablet. Enjoy reading!

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