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Post Info TOPIC: Emotional Support Animal: A Complete Health Package
Nicholas Thomson

Emotional Support Animal: A Complete Health Package

Emotional support animals are adorable furry friends of humans who help them to cope up with their mental illness. They not only help in overcoming mental illness but they also provide health benefits as well. But before discussing more about health benefits, it is absolutely necessary to learn about esa letter that provides privileges to the owner. Having an esa letter allows the owner of the pet to take it along with him, wherever he goes. This letter is considered as legal permission for the handlers of esa pets.  

Usually, people consider that ESAs are only Emotional Support Dog or cats but actually, it can be any animal of your choice. Animals can relieve stress in a way that no therapist can do. They provide you their love and devotion and they did not ask anything in return. They can provide joy and happiness to their owners. 


Esa support their handlers by giving them an emotional outlet. Although they cannot understand human language but still provide a company to the sufferer that someone is listening to them. One more important thing is that they do not judge the speaker as other humans would do and try to give unwanted advice. Physical touch can lessen the anxiety as it would create a bond of affection between the person and the pet.

If you want a dog as an ESA you need an esa letter for dog.

Animals have an astounding ability to lift our emotions and feelings. They are a great source of companionship for those who suffer from low esteem and feel lonely. Having a pet is a great way for a person to feel that they have a purpose. Taking care of an animal will force the person to get up and get moving. The esa will take the focus from all the negative thoughts going on in your mind and refocuses your mind on the brighter aspects of life.


Emotional support animals can help in alleviating symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. Although any animal can serve as an Esa but dogs are best for PTSD because they can sense when their owner is becoming stressed. They will start playing with you to take your mind off the situation and make you feel better. But you need a legitimate esa letter before yo keep an ESA.


Numerous studies have shown that emotional support animals help in improving the overall health of the person. They help in lowering blood pressure and decrease respiration rate if it is not normal. They also improve your ability to cope with pain. Esa pets are able to provide unconditional love and care to their handlers and this affection results in better health of a person.  


Emotional support animals usually consists of cats and dogs. They give lots of love and attention to their owner. They wait for their owner to return from work just to shower them with their pure and innocent feelings. They will cuddle with you and take away all your stress and tensions. When they will look at you with their gleaming eyes you will feel that as if they are transferring their love and affection to you. They will stay with you all the time and will not let you feel alone at all. They will love you with all their heart and try to keep you happy. Esa is especially important for those who live alone and they have symptoms of anxiety and depression. They can help you in managing your anxiety and depression.  


You can get your esa if you are genuinely suffering from mental disability. If you are still wondering how to get an esa letter, you can see an emotional support animal letter sample online and can get the same type of letter from your registered therapist. Do not fall for scam! Verify before using your letter.   

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