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Persuasive Essay Topics 40+ Thought-Provoking Ideas - 2022 Guide

A persuasive essay is one in which you utilize logic and reason to demonstrate that your argument is more valid than others. The goal of an essay writer is to persuade readers of their point of view.


The selection of a topic for a persuasive essay is the first step in producing the perfect essay. You will have no trouble writing an effective essay if your topic is excellent.


As a result, do as much research as possible on the subject and select the finest option. If you're having trouble choosing a topic, you can also hire someone to write an essay for you.

Because most students work part-time and are involved in extracurricular activities, they turn to essay writing service writers for help with their projects.


Topics for Persuasive Essay


Some of the best persuasive essay themes are listed below for your consideration.


  • When it comes to listening to music, iPods are the ideal device.
  • What are the advantages of taking a year off before beginning college?
  • What impact do free trade agreements have on national employees?
  • How exporting jobs to other countries is bad for our economy.
  • The most boring profession in the world is selling tickets at a football stadium.
  • A real human's life cannot be improved by artificial intelligence.
  • Why should female pupils participate in wrestling and boxing?
  • We should respect and learn from our forefathers and mothers.
  • You must begin saving for retirement as soon as possible.
  • In class, you should always take notes.
  • Is it appropriate for soda to be served in school cafeterias?
  • Should pupils be rewarded for performing well on English tests?
  • Every student should be required to participate in sports.
  • Free trade agreements have disadvantages for workers.
  • Teachers will be compensated according to how much their students learn.
  • Oral presentations should take the place of homework writing projects.
  • Star Wars and Star Trek have similarities and contrasts.
  • Should energy efficiency be a requirement for new homes and buildings?
  • How reality television reinforces harmful stereotypes
  • The biggest cause of global warming is what individuals do.
  • Kids, like adults, require personal space.
  • Is music a viable treatment option for mental illness?
  • How does reducing human paper consumption improve the environment?
  • Is it necessary for pupils to ask permission to use the restroom?
  • Why should cell phones be banned on school grounds?
  • Is hiring an essay writer the right approach.
  • Alcohol should not be consumed by athletes in any way.
  • There are three things that politicians can do to improve their performance.
  • Why is it a waste of time to write an argumentative paper?
  • Should products be tested on animals or humans?
  • More permissive immigration laws are needed.
  • True happiness can be found in money and a good career.
  • In a relationship, the issue of age
  • Is it OK for collegiate athletes to be paid?
  • For school kids, standardized assessments are becoming more common.
  • The initial impression you make on a person is the most crucial.
  • Depending on what they're wearing, people act in different ways.
  • Life is now more abundant and better than it was 50 years ago.
  • Should pupils be allowed to bring their cellphones to school?
  • Is it fair to hold terrorism suspects in custody?
  • The importance of the school newspaper and radio in students' lives
  • Should all genetically modified foods be banned?
  • How fairy tales can assist in the development of a decent person
  • Should youngsters be permitted to operate motor vehicles?
  • Is there a role for religion in government?


If you're still wondering how I write my essay like a pro, check out the websites that offer essay writing services and get your assignment done.


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